Blow Moulding: Technology, Methodology and Applications

Most of the edible and non-edible items, particularly the ones in liquefied form, are dispensed in air tight and fool-proof bottles. The best examples of such products are the distilled (usually referred as mineral) water and the aerated beverages apart from medicinal formulations. The quality of these depends on the techniques and types of Plastic Injection Molding, and the PET involved in the bottling processes.

PET is acronym for the word Polyethylene terephthalate. It is a thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family, used extensively in synthetic fibres, packing of beverages, food and assorted other liquid containers. Thus, the blow moulding machine manufacturers are the important players in this consumer-related industry. By itself, the blow mould machine is based on premium technology and high standard materials used in its design and production.

While these machines come in assorted range, leading manufacturers like New Delhi-based Injection Mold Maker Acme Disys undertakes production of tailor-made models. It is the user industry that has to firmly specify the manufacturer about the desired geometrical figure and other norms. What the buyer looks for of these machines are the user-friendly elements, durability and timely after-sales service by competent technicians.

The machinery maker should also highlight the electrical type vis-à-vis the hydraulic factors. Another notable aspect that both the manufacturer and user must bear in mind is the MpA (mega pascals) specification in terms of the pressure exerted while the machinery is operated to fill bottles. However, the mould maker like Acme Disys simply delivers the world-class quality products for its global clientele, and the entire product range from Acme Disys can be relied upon without any second thought.


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